Menstruation period

Menstruation period

Menstruation Period is natural in a female. Period or mensuration is a process in which blood is passed from the vagina in a female. It is repeated on average 28/30 days.
It generally lasts for 3 – 5 days. And It gets started at the age of  12- 14 in girls.

Why the Menstruation period happens ??

The most important physical change that occurs in girls during puberty is the onset of menstruation. It lies in the uterus lining and this is a structural and functional unit of developing embryo and maternal body. In the uterus, it is called the placenta. The placenta is rich in proteins and vitamins. Placenta provides food to developing the body in the embryo.

But when fertilization does not occur in the uterus. Mean when the male sperm is not meet with female ovum than this placenta is not useful for the body and it may become harmful to the body. Then this placenta is broken into blood clots and slowly comes out through the vagina.

Why does pain happen in periods days?Menstruation period | Why does pain happen in these days?

The placenta is like a mass of blood clots, fats, proteins and etc. It also has nerves like other parts of the body .. and when it breaks the nerve send the message to the Brian.
This is exactly same when our other body part broke and pain, eg – hand, leg, etc.
Pain is normal to have mild pain during periods, but if the pain is very painful then it is a matter of concern.
During the period pain occurs in the lower back, one or two days before the period starts, the pain starts in the hands and feet, these days one feels more pain and some less. There are also more painful cases due to not having a period in a regular circle. or we can say if the periods are irregular.

What cares should be taken during menstruation period days?

 1. Physical relationships during the period

During the period, when the couple makes a physical relationship, the spouse feels very relaxed. Because the endorphins hormones are released in the spouse’s body. Which reduces the pain of periods. And help in reducing the stress of the spouse. Use condoms or protection when the couple makes a physical relationship. But during periods there is the possibility of pregnancy and infection. so better use protection.

2. Cleanliness –

During periods, you should take extra care of the cleaning. 3-4 time change your sanitary napkin, by this, you will be saved from bad smell and infection. Clean the vaginal part and surroundings thoroughly. Wash hands with soap after going to the washroom.

3. Nutrition full diet-

During periods eat healthily and nutrition full food, so that Fatigue, instability, mood swings and awful cramps are given away during your period. But you’ll be surprised to know that also affect your period. So, try that, whatever diet you take is nutritious. Eat things like Green Vegetables, Salad, Green Tea, Banana, Papaya, Dark Chocolates, Fish, Dry Fruits, and Nuts.

4. Avoid manual labor –

If you have serious pain during periods or you have a stiff back, then it is better for you to avoid doing manual labor. Something else, this pain of your body may increment further. So better avoid it.

5-Stay away from junk food – 

Things like tea-coffee, cold drinks, oily and fatty foods increase the duration of periods. So, better avoid them.