how to apply lipstick step by step

how to apply lipstick step by step

All women want to get beautiful and attractive lips, but they do not know how to apply lipstick step by step. Lipstick is the largest part of makeup. Only one coat of it can add shine to your face. Whether it is a party, women use it everywhere in the office. It has the ability to enhance your beauty.

How to apply lipstick perfectly step by step

  1.  Clean your lip properly

There will be nothing worse than applying on a favorite lipstick over dry, chapped lips, so be sure to start with a smooth base. Use a lip scrub or a mixture of brown sugar and honey to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin. Scrubbing the lip continuously that lip will be smooth.

2. Apply foundation on the lip –

Foundation utilizes as a base coat for your lipstick. Don’t put lots of it on but when you are applying your foundation, feel free to sweep your brush over your lips. If you have darkened or pigmented lips, never skip it because it’ll create an even tone all over your face. This will help your lipstick last for longer.

How to apply lipstick step by step | lipstick | get perfect lip shape |3. Lip liner –

Before applying your favorite lipstick, it’s very important to define the shape of your lips. And that can be done by using a good lip liner. You should line your lips with the help from a lip liner. According to me the color of lipstick is less than the color of lipline.

The biggest inquiry is how to apply lip liner to get the ideal shape of your lip.

  • If you have thin lips then you will apply top of your lip. It will make your lip look thicker shape.
  • If you have thicker lips, you will apply the lip liner on the inside of the lip. It will make your lips look thinner shape.
  • If you have great lips shape, at that point you will apply lip liner as indicated by your own lips.

How to apply lipstick step by step | lipstick | get perfect lip shape |4. Apply lipstick

The lipstick should be applied to start at the center and moving outwards. You ought to apply two layers of lipstick, blotting in between coats. When you are applying your lipstick, do not put lipstick on your outer lip. It gets onto your front teeth which is not a good look. Keep to the outer parts of your lips but make sure that when your mouth is closed.

Lipstick has the advantage of being applied with a brush, make us banter to control whether or not there is any pressure applied. Do not fill the brush with so much color, otherwise, it will take a lot in one place. Clean your brush with a bar of a week.

5. Blot your lip –

When you put your first coat, take two tissue paper in your mouth and press it gently.  Remove extra lipstick by pressing the tissue paper in between your lips. First, if you have clean extra lipstick with tissue paper. It will make the lipstick last longer and not melt.

6. Fixing Outside the Line –

If you have lipstick on any area outside of your lip line, you can tissue paper or cotton to fix it. You can use a cotton swab or a lip brush to deals with care in these areas, by smoothly touching them, making sure mix the concealer into your foundation.

What should we keep your mind Before apply lipstick step by step

  • Use matte and waterproof lipsticks. Creamier products should be avoided as they easily fade in color.
  • You are choosing lip colors according to your skin tone.
  • If your applied liquid lipstick you really only need one layer.
  • Use lip moisturizer before applying the lip color to get smooth lips.